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New Aveda Full Spectrum Hair Colour. Truly individual hair colour for more natural results.

Full Spectrum Hair colour by Aveda.

Takes customisation to a new level, offering truly personalised colour to match your individual needs and personality.
Our Fade-resistant formulas are up to 96% naturally derived and infuse hair with incredible condition and shine for essentially damage free results.
Plus they're created with an environmental and social conscience that you can feel good about.


Colour Expertise.

Aveda hair colour is used exclusively by experts. Your professional hair colourist will give you advice and inspiration based on their experience and expert knowledge. Their skilful colour artistry - combined with a hair colour system that can create any shade you can imagine - to offer you truly personalised colour.

What is in your hair colour - do you care what goes on your head?
Our innovative Fade-resistant colour formulas include naturally derived ingredients and UV Filters.
Castor jojoba, coconut and babassu oils help protect hair during processing and infuse it with amazing shine - for essentially damage free hair colour.
The powerful anti-oxidant, red tea rooibos helps protect our colour formulas and our patented green tea extract creates a broad spectrum of colour.